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Summary: I catch the fish, sell them, and you eat them. What more do you want from me.

Gacors the Fisherman

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: Gatormen

Race/ Species


Job/ Trade, and Rank in Employment

Fisherman, runs a shop in the village of Drex. He lives in and owns the shop, which means hes in charge.

Physical Appearance

He is around eight feet tall, average for a Gatorman. He has greenish-grey scales, a large nose bump, yellow eyes and a muscular build. He has blue body paint and a strange birthmark on his stomach.

Personality, Skills and Interests

He likes relaxing and fishing on the shoreline. He spends most of the morning fishing, and the afternoon he sells those fish. He is seclusive, and doesn't like talking to others. He is still kind, strong and willing to lend a hand for his community. He has a good sense of humor towards those he does talk to.


Fishing, carrying his fishing gear, musculature, clever, funny. He is a good cook.


Shy, lonely, reclusive, and feels like an outcast, since he doesn't live with his kin.


He was abandoned in the woods when he was a baby. He was left out there for days until he was found by a pair of Lizardfolk. They brought him back to the village of Drex, with plans of eating him. When they arrived at the watery village, he saw something in the water. He jumped out of their arms and after the glimmer. He went under for about a minute, then resurfaced with a foot long fish in his jaws. The two Lizardfolk decided to raise him. His parents were killed right after he bought the shop. A scouting party of Gnolls killed them when they wandered onto the Gnolls camp site. All that remained were their bones and a wooden ring. Ever since that day he had struggled emotionally, wondering why he had to be left alone like this.

Item├Ęs always carried

Fishing Gear, a dagger, and a small snack, such as fish jerky or boiled crayfish. He wears a wooden ring on his left hand

Facts/ Other Notes (GM can add notes here)

-His birthmark will have later significance.

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Image of Gacors the Fisherman
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