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Summary: Use me in your post to take the role of the wild denizens of the western plains.

Gnoll NPC

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Gender: Any

Age: Any

Group: Gnoll

Race/ Species


Job/ Trade, and Rank in Employment

Any job, hunters, warriors, caretakers...

Physical Appearance

Hyena-like and pretty darn ugly.

Personality, Skills and Interests

Wild savages, you thought that goblins were crazy...


Pack tactics, great teamworking skills. Scary looking and fast.


Dim-witted and weak when alone.


Depends on the Gnoll, they came from the western territories, which are prairies and hills. The only goal they have is to conquer the lands and eat all of its inhabitants.

Item├Ęs always carried

Weapons, lizard-flesh jerky, backup weapon. Plus a third backup weapon.

Facts/ Other Notes (GM can add notes here)

-Free to use in any post.
- Are not compatable with other races.
-Don't like bright lights.
-Don't get a Gnoll wet.
-Never feed a Gnoll after midnight, no matter how much they beg.

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Image of Gnoll NPC
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