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Summary: Wisdom, skill, and a good weapon, three things you need be the mightiest warrior.

Master Irx

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Gender: Male

Age: Elder

Group: Lizardfolk

Race/ Species


Job/ Trade, and Rank in Employment

Lizardfolk Master of the Martial Arts

Physical Appearance

He is around 5”8, has red scales with black markings and yellowish orange eyes. He wears armored shoulder-pads and monkish robes.

Personality, Skills and Interests

Wise, relaxed, and prefers the simple things in life. He excels in many forms of combat and has been known to train aspiring warriors. He lives alone in his hut and doesn't visit the other towns, unless necessary.


Skilled in many types of melee and martial combat. Smart and crafty, and a good hunter.


Doesnt like being in uncomfortable or new locations. Tiresome and weak with old age. Very lazy...


To Be Added

Itemès always carried

His weapons, a small hand-scroll and some fish jerky

Facts/ Other Notes (GM can add notes here)

If your character is an aspiring warrior or martial artist, it is advised to train with Master Irx.
He is the owner and lives in Irxs Hut

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Image of Master Irx
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