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Summary: How may I be of assistance child?


Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Lizardfolk

Race/ Species


Job/ Trade, and Rank in Employment

Head Shaman

Physical Appearance

A human figure, except has four clawed fingers, three clawed toes on each foot, and a heavily reptilian look to his head. Thick tail that drags the ground when standing
Large eyes allowing night vision. A crest of feathers that spread down his back. Several horn like growths adorn his upper jaw and eye ridge.
Age is showing in scars and baggy skin around his jaw.

Personality, Skills and Interests

A very serious figure, he can be considered grim at times.
Very devout to the elements and their powers


A devout shaman, has knowledge of the land and different remedies and cures, as well as being familiar with most of the creatures found in The Scale.
overly charismatic, does his best to keep those around him working together.
Although old, his sense of smell has yet to fail him.


With his old age, his strength is failing him, as well as sight and hearing.
While still able to traverse the land in order to acquire ingredients, has become slower and requires his shamans staff to use a a walking aid.


The only survivor of his nest, Tek showed prowess in survival skills and a great knowledge of the world's bounty. This allowed him to rise to the rank of Shaman, giving him a spiritual connection to the world, also allowing him to be the Chiefs advisor.

Item├Ęs always carried

Wears a shaman's robe and carries his signature staff.
Various bags with ingredients in them.
Water skin and makes food enough for a few days.
Several knives, both practical and ceremonial.

Facts/ Other Notes (GM can add notes here)

Although old, still has incredible speed in combat and should never be underestimated.

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Image of Tek-Neshal
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