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Summary: Just because your sword is nicer, doesn't mean you will win.


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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: Gatormen

Race/ Species


Job/ Trade, and Rank in Employment

Bodyguard, and member of the Scaleguard. He is entasked in the service of Sir Leaptoe.

Physical Appearance

He is a well built Gatorman, with brown scales and bulging muscles. He wears a strange armor, that he bought when working in the deep south. A land where the dunes are tall and the warriors are fierce. The armor is made of gold encrusted steel, and painted with patterns of blue.

Personality, Skills and Interests

Fun, sociable, and easy to get along with. He is devoted to his task, and is very obedient. He prefers to skull in the shadows before attacking. He is attracted to shiny objects, and loves gold.


Fighting, obedience, and a friendly personality.


Likes shiny objects, and is compliant.


He was born in Croca, and spent his time as a soldier. He traveled south to find new work as a bodyguard, and although no one wanted a Gatorman watching their backs, he still got himself some nice armor. He came back and ended up at the Scaleguard hall, where he works to this day.

Item├Ęs always carried

Sword, and his armor.

Facts/ Other Notes (GM can add notes here)

-Bodyguard for Sir Leaptoe, and is often sent on errands for him.

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Image of Sarxis
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