To Buy or to Barter

Sarala closed the cage door until it locked with a successful click, Eurynome already curling up to get her days rest in, beak nestled under the fluff and feathers of her white wings. They'd final docked in Drex and she was eager to get her wares sold, and she had many. Most were just trinkets or pretty things but she also carried weapons like clubs, hand crafted arrows, and throwing spears. She had some fancy bone blade she received as a gift from some tribe far out east and as menacing as it looked she didn't want to part with it quite yet. Could do some nice damage if used properly, only thing was, it was rather heavy to swing so it would take some winding up in order to deal a good blow.
Other than that what she sold were furs, clothing, some old books she'd read a dozen and a half times, even some jewelry she crafted herself. Little things she found exquisite. She had some jars and a few barrels of minerals, ores, and pouches of spice. Anything you could want you would likely find in her stock in some odd form. Kestian Salt which was great for meats and produce both preservation and flavor, and if mixed properly could create a nice healing salve. Quclum oil was another thing she carried which was an incendiary substance good for creating light sources, heat, whatever you could do with fire, but rather hard to find. So naturally it had a high price.

You could buy and trade all you desired with ship if you had the right coin or the right stuff.

Gazing out across the deck of The Busty Steed as she climbed the stairs she could smell a scent of fish and the faintest bit of nature, like morning dew on the grass. Swamp. The air was mildly humid as she noted most of the land was. Slung over her shoulder was a net folded into a bag carrying different types of produce they'd recently gathered on different territories. Her serenity was interrupted by wooden creaking as her crewmate Rhys unhooked and moved some of the crates closer to the side of the ship where the ramp was already lowered, shoving the lid off one crate of Quclum storage. The golden substance glistened, almost twinkling, through the glass jars wrapped neatly in protective cloth as the edges fell back; below lie the barrels containing larger amounts.

"How long are we docking?" He asked.

"Did you not hear me earlier? Four days at most. We need to refuel ourselves, sleep. Once we are done here we move to Kruz on foot."

"Water is quicker."

"Mr. Roceran, I do not like that tone," she spoke in a posh accent mimicking that of an elderly woman in a previous port who'd ridiculed the man for his attitude. He shook his head with the faintest of smiles.

"Water would be faster but the rivers leading closest to the town are narrow and I won't be too jolly if we get ourselves stuck. Besides, risking a stop right out in the open with no dock to keep the Steed still isn't what I had in mind even if it saves countless hours of travel. A good walk or two won't kill us. We can explore more of the land while we're at it. The map will tell us if we're walking into uncharted territories," Sarala patted her belt which kept her journal and map, a dagger in place. The net was set at her feet.
He nodded and she helped him take hold of the wooden table for display. "Transporting some of this on foot will prove difficult."

"We'll see what we can get rid of and whatever's left, we bring the best bits. No lugging barrels about if they don't go. When we're ready to leave The Scale we can hit Splorsh, see if they like what's left. I don't want any extra travel."

"What of your other business?"

"That's none of your business," she jerked the table giving him a playful bump in the stomach.
As they began to set the lengthy table upright she noticed a red-scaled Lizardfolk approaching the dock and dropped it suddenly. The end slipped from Rhys' fingers and landed on the elf's foot, almost crushing Warrick. The grey rat squeaked and scurried away in terror.

"Agh, son of a-," he winced before looking up to what distracted her. He smoothed some of his brown hair back before tying it into a pony but his expression read upset at the sight.

"We have company," she looked to the robed man and straightened her posture, hands placed on her hips. "Good day, sir. If you're here to browse we will be running momentarily," Sarala offered a smile.

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