Will there be glory?

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Flaming arrows rained down, piercing Gnolls, and setting their dry fur ablaze. White Tooths forces caught the enemy of guard, as the archers reloaded their projectiles. Even the children were tossing rocks at the attackers. Although it wasn't fatal, it seemed to pester the Gnolls. Hyder and Puddy both returned to the boat, and managed to reach Irx.

"My crafty fighters, welcome back. Will there be glory for us all, I assume so." Stated Irx.

"I hope so as well, but we bring horrid news. Vermes has been killed." Replied Hyder.

"Him and the whole Hag Ring." Added Puddy.

Irx stood in confusion. He knew the monks were in danger, but he expected them to survive this. Who will lead The Scale? The prophecy better be true, that an lizard shall rise to glory, and lead The Scale to countless victories. But where are they?

"An horrid loss indeed." Responded Irx with teary eyes.

"But we must prevail, with the Lizardfolk Chieftain dead, and the Gatorman Lordship long lost, we must find an leader. I just hope we can do so." Added Irx, as he looked towards the attacking Gnolls, whose numbers have fallen drastically. Not much longer before they fall back.

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