Dirty Tactics.

Flaming arrows rained down, piercing Gnolls, and setting their dry fur ablaze. White Tooths forces caught the enemy of guard, as the archers reloaded their projectiles. Even the children were tossing rocks at the attackers. Although it wasn't fatal, it seemed to pester the Gnolls. Hyder and Puddy both returned to the boat, and managed to reach Irx.

Syzoth continued to either cripple or kill the advancing Gnolls with his pin point accuracy in archery. As a professional assassin he trained many hours in his craft with many weapons and hand to hand, including archery. Granted the flaming arrows did their job on the unarmored Gnolls, but Syzoth was not foolish to believe flaming arrows would be enough. Some Gnolls were pretty hardy, larger and wore armor as well, so when Syzoth saw them advancing he reached into his vest and grabbed a sealed contained and opened it carefully. Then he gently dipped 2o arrows tips into the poison jar and set them aside, before closing the jar and putting it back. Syzoth then picked up a poisoned arrow and aimed it at the larger armored Gnolls and fired at their necks. The larger Gnolls were stronger and could still fight while wounded with arrows so being wounded by Syzoths very potent poisoned arrows made a huge difference for King and his lizard infantry to have an easier fight. The poison Syzoth was using was from the various Poison Dart Frogs his village grew in cages. One drop of that poison could kill large Gatorman in a few seconds. Then Syzoth heard Irx go on about loosing their Chief.

"But we must prevail, with the Lizardfolk Chieftain dead, and the Gatorman Lordship long lost, we must find an leader. I just hope we can do so." Added Irx, as he looked towards the attacking Gnolls, whose numbers have fallen drastically. Not much longer before they fall back.

Syzoth sighed as he left his decimated village to another that was being attacked. He didn't like the fact the lizard people were getting the short end of the stick. If he was healthy he would hunt them down from the shadows, however was in no condition to fight up close and personal, since he just had an arrow removed form his back hip. So all he could do to aid the lizard men who saved him was to keep shooting arrows. Of course it didn't take long till he was running low on arrows so he looked at a few early teenager lizard kids who wanted to help but lacked skill.

Syzoth: Hey you kids.

Lizard Teen 1: Huh?

Lizard Teen 2: You mean us?

Syzoth: Yes you fetch me more arrows and then make sure the other archers have arrows as well. The Gnolls are not giving up anytime soon.

Lizard Teen 1: But we can fight too.

Syzoth: I didn't ask.

Lizard Teen 2: Hey! That's........

Syzoth: If you want lessons after we get through this later on I'll teach you but for now I need you to support us with arrows.

Lizardman Archer: Do as he said kids. He hasn't missed a Gnoll yet, even with a crappy bow.

The two lizard kids then worked hard to move quivers of arrows to the archers so they didn't run out. Syzoth was relieved that he didn't have to get up and aggravate his wound and get his own arrows. He continued to take his time and pick off the stronger Gnolls advancing. Then he smiled as the smaller ones were getting smashed by King and his men. Another nasty trick he did was shooting the feet of the clumsy Gnolls in front which made them trip in pain and the Gnolls behind them tripped on them and caused a traffic jam. This made it easier for the lizard spearmen to just pick them off as they were helpless on the ground trying to get up. Syzoth was now on his forth quiver as he picked off a lot of Gnolls and it made him wonder just how many they were facing. Of course the lack of magic on both sides meant it came down to skill, numbers and planning. Gnolls were not known for having smart fighters so it gave the lizard men the home field advantage. After exploiting the poor tactics of the advancing Gnolls, Syzoth used a few more poisoned arrows to take out the temporary leaders among them to add to the confusion of the Gnolls.


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