OOC - Closing down, (for now).

Hey guy, it's me WB, and I want to let you all know. I have been having a hard time keeping up these past months, with school, and other hassles. So I will be closing up The Scale. We had a fun time, in a unique world that I haven't seen anything similar to. But I promise, that when I get more time, I will resurrect this game. I apologize for all of you who I have let down, and I hope that I will be able to make more time for OW. I may have gotten in over my head with things, and I need to get my head back out and calibrate what I'm doing. So I will be closing The Scale, until further notice, because if I find the time, I would love to work on this world again. And maybe bring a fresh life to it. So I apologize for my inactivity, and by putting this game on hiatus, I hope that I, and you guys too, can focus on other things.

My apologies. WB out...

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