Image of Fulke Aggot Zeric

Summary: Don't question it

Fulke Aggot Zeric

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Descendants


Decedent of Sugulite Magicae Aggot


Works for the government as a hunter. Tracks down escaped "powered people".



Physical Appearance

Medium length white streaked black hair, blue eyes, tan-ish skin, a thin but long, white scar on his right cheek. Slender build, around 5' 11". Can be seen worn a black leather jacket. When on a mission, he wears a large silver gauntlet on his left hand that crackles with electricity.

Personality and interests

Usually quite cheerful and humorous. When angered, (which is a bit hard to do), well... I just don't advise it. Can be serious when that is necessary, but even on missions he's a bit of a comedian.


Is a descendant of Sugulite. Joined the (agency) at age 18. Not much else.

Magic [if any]

Controls (to a somewhat suspicious degree) lightning and storm magic.


Wields a long, straight, single bladed sword that hums with electricity. Wears a gauntlet on his left hand that gives him control over his powers. and allows him to basically shoot lightning at people. Uses a personal teleporter on some, more pressing missions.


Initially works for the government, eventually joins the fight against 'It'

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