Image of Firiel Ignirus Dahkani

Summary: You can run. You can hide. But rest assured, I. Will. Find you.

Firiel Ignirus Dahkani

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Descendants


Decendant of Drakonus and Rynn


Hunter/Assassin. Skilled in unarmed combat, knife fighting, and marksmanship.



Physical Appearance

Long black hair, intense glowing orange eyes. Normally wears black (especially on missions.) She is slender in build and is about 6'2". She also has tanned skin.

Personality and interests

Ruthless and relentless, she never let's her prey escape. Very intense. Pretty much humorless. She does loosen up when near friends, and any humor she shows takes the form of sarcasm.


Started training in unarmed combat and marksmanship take 15 with the goal of being a hunter in the (agency), as her family had certain connections within it. Joined the (agency) at 19 and quickly was granted the rank of Hunter.

Magic [if any]



Carries a weapon called a Fire Breather. Basically a crossbow with a scope that shoots flaming (and sometimes explosive) bolts. Also carries a dagger in a boot sheath.


Initially works for the government.

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