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Summary: "Boom boom baby!"

Unnamed Currently

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Gender: F

Age: 18

Group: Descendants


Descendant of Krio and Gino.


i don't know enough about future Zenthium yet


to be determined when i know job/skill

Physical Appearance

Obsidian-colored hair with a silver streak, pale skin, purple eyes,

Personality and interests

Just like Krio- rude, sarcastic, and more than a bit violent


Descendant of a shadow mage and the daughter of Kaos. Raised by the mages until she turned 15 and destroyed their home with her first show of other powers, in the form of an accidental volcanic eruption.

Magic [if any]

Shadow Mage like Gino was. Also has control of earth and fire, like Pyro and Terran. Partial to volcanoes.


Explosive rocks, magma spheres, i'll figure out more later



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