Public Record Files, Republic of Zenthium

Query: Karayan Caedis


Karayan Lacero Caedis, mythical "Red-Eyed Demon"
Karayan Caedis, known in many horror stories as the infamous Red-Eyed Demon, is both a villainous and heroic figure throughout his pervading myth. It is commonly accepted that the Karayan who was once a general of the 'Grand' Army of Kaos is also the same Karayan legendary magician Jasmine Ravager rescued from torment in the Underworld and later went on to...

Erysicthon Morbidus Pestis, "Lord of Hunger"
Erysicthon Pestis, also known in several ghost stories as the 'Lord of Hunger' or 'Lord of Darkness' is the infamous King of Skullholm some Western Zenthians warn their children of at night. While the character may be somewhat "overshadowed" by his legendary son Karayan Caedis, the terrifying image of this masked shadow has lost none of its horrific charm. According to the myths...

Septimus Regulus Caelos, Thirteenth King
Septimus Caelos was born to a single mother in the small town of Bella Domun in Northern Bellum, though the exact date of his birth has been lost. A great amount of myths have clouded Caelos's past, however we are certain the Thirteenth King did exist even if he wasn't really from an alternate reality or was never resurrected after his supposed murder at the hands of Krio, Daughter of...

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