Image of Argos

Summary: The First Seeker, founder of Crucible, Father of All Seekers


Gender: Male

Age: 3.8 Yotta-cycles

Group: Automata

Physical Appearance

A tall, humanoid machine with a faded gray and gold metal chassis.

Personality And Interests

Argos is a seasoned Seeker with years of experience. His experience grants him a level of confidence yet he never comes off as being over-confident. He is even tempered, controlled, and rarely gets angry.

He has a strong sense of honor and is very protective of subordinate Seekers.


Argos was a war mech built to fight in the Final War. Though he has since had to delete his memories over time, he was witness to mankind's extinction. Over the millennia, he traveled across dark space, getting into a number of adventures until he came to Terminus.

There, he established the first Crucible and created the Seekers.

Despite being the founding member of the Crucible. He still operates as a master Seeker, typically taking new Seekers out for their first excursions.

Skills And Special Traits

Argos is a seasoned warrior with unparalleled skill. A crack shot with almost any weapon, and a master of melee combat.

He is also a strong leader with the ability to draw people to his cause.

He is armed with a particle beam cannon which replaces his right arm during combat. His left arm becomes a monomolecular blade.

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Image of Argos
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