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Summary: Former thief turned Seeker

T'ren Ta'tek

Gender: Male

Age: 168

Group: Shadowkin

Physical Appearance

A tall, bipedal, humanoid insect with four arms. Wears a pair of welding goggles to protect his extremely light sensitive eyes. Wears a pair of tattered leggings and a large belt full of tools. His carapace is a deep brown and adorned with yellow tribal markings representative of his hive.

Personality And Interests

T'ren is secretive and keeps to himself. Though those he does get to know say he is rather friendly for a giant space bug.

Has a fondness for durasteel and is always on the look out for panels to snack on.


Born and raised on Terminus, T'ren was a curious child who explored much of the station's ducts and secret areas. Much to the chagrin of his brood mother. He discovered that he had a talent for stealth and began life as a thief before the Crucible heard of his skills and offered him a chance to make up for his petty crimes by becoming a Seeker.

Skills And Special Traits

Experienced Thief with hacking and lock breaking.
Natural night vision.
Bioluminescent communication.

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Image of T'ren Ta'tek
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