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Summary: A young psionic and newly forged seeker.


Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Simulacra

Physical Appearance

A basic humanoid Simulacra with fair skin and blond hair. Wears personally made clothing comprised of the pieces of numerous space suits and anomalous bits of cloth and metal.

After being struck in the head by shadowkin plasma, a significant portion of the left side of her face and head have been replaced with cybernetics, as well as her left eye. She also bears some scars.

Personality And Interests

Ciana is driven, and her experiences in the Crucible have tempered her into a hardened warrior. She wishes to provide for Terminus and make a difference in this dark universe.


Born and raised on Terminus to her Simulacra parents, Mordin and Netalia, who are biomass farmers. She was supposed to follow in their footsteps and become a farmer as well, but her raw psychic talent meant the Crucible had an eye on her from an early age. At thirteen, she was given a psychic aptitude test and her results put her on the fast track to becoming a Seeker.

Skills And Special Traits

Natural psionic powers with a focus on telekinetic and energy manipulation abilities.
Limited clairvoyance, useful for tracking useful items and resources and early warning detection.
Basic training in weapons.

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Image of Ciana
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