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Summary: A vet Seeker who likes to groom talent

Ce-Lo (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Simulacra

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'5"
Build: Muscular
Skin: Grey and scaly
Hair: Black and grey dreadlocks

Personality And Interests

He is a calculating Seeker who is always looking for talent. He loves to live for the moment but is very serious on a mission.


He has been an accomplished Seeker for a good decade now and continues to bring in a good haul with minimum casualties due to his training methods.

Skills And Special Traits

Skilled in hand to hand, melee and fire arms. He also uses his psychic stealth tech to aid in his missions.

Ce-Lo's ship: "The Lexx"


She is an older model, but she is solid. She is built for stealth and can hold her own. She can hold a crew of up to ten, but I doesn't need that many hands to do the small runs we do. The extra room means more storage capacity. It looks like a big bug. In fact the ship is a biomechanoid insect and very similar to the Automata and shadowkin combined. Here is the the Bridge where the main control module for the Lexx is located and it is also the best place to communicate with her. Here is the the Galley where food being dispensed. The moss soup that the Lexx produces is yellow, orange, green, and blue. The Lexx grows its own food so it helps on deep runs. Here is the shower where the crew can bathe and get clean, or to just cool off after a mission. The ship recycles waste products efficiently. Here are the sleeping quarters for the crew. They are not fancy, but they do give privacy. This area is the Cryochamber and it is located above the Bridge and Crew Quarters. The Cryochamber is where injured crewmen are taken to be repaired or placed into cryogenic stasis until professional medical help can be reached. And the Landing platform is located above this chamber and connects directly to the Bridge, it is where the ship's umbilical cord can connect to another ship for boarding it. The eyes have several generators that combine when focused and created pulsar rays at varying levels. Its been in the family for ages now.

Pilot: An old Automata pilot named Grel who had it rough, but he is a great pilot.
Medbot: A medical Automata named Betty who keeps us alive and ticking
Drone Sim: Cyborg Sim, Rube, who uses remote drones from the ship.

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Image of Ce-Lo (NPC)
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