The Landing

Ciana had spent the hour before joining Marcus preparing for the trip to The Steel Expanse. When she reached the Eternity she was met with a small group of seekers who were all, also waiting. Some were sims, others automata, but no shadowkin were present. One of the sim seekers, a man with deep red skin, turned and regarded her with a friendly nod.

"You got recruited by Marcus as well?"

"Yeah." Ciana nodded.

"He beat the crap out of you?" The red sim asked.

"Uh-huh." Chiana nodded.

"Us too." The red sim chuckled.

"Guy's a real nut buster." An automata seeker said with a digital grin.

Marcus then stepped into the landing bay, causing the casual chatter to stop almost immediately. Marcus looked to the group of seekers and nodded. "Good, you're all here. You all wanted to join me on my crew, so you have to follow my rules. And I have one rule: everyone fights, no one quits. You survive the day, you get to enjoy the riches the Expanse can provide. Honor, riches, and glory go to those who prove themselves seekers." He looked to his new group of seekers. "I've been contacted by the Expanse Crucible. A swarm of shadowkin have breached the city, so we have to travel there immediately and stop them from establishing a foothold. Some of your fellow Terminus seekers have already been deployed, so we'll be joining them at the edge of the city. Saddle up! We haven't any time to lose!"

The seekers piled into the Eternity, which quickly took off and entered N-space towards the Steel Expanse.

Upon exiting N-Space the Eternity found itself skirting alongside a massive wall of metal. Marcus turned the ship over and guided it into a narrow passage that took them deep into the confines of the massive city. Ciana sat in a seat on the bridge and took in the amazing sight of the seemingly infinite stretch of metal and lights. The tunnel seemed to go on forever, Ciana was sure how long the Eternity had been flying until it opened up to reveal a massive chamber with towering buildings in the center.

At the edge, she could already see signs of battle as the local seekers and security forces fought back the invading shadowkin. Marcus made the Eternity dip down towards the battle and he ordered everyone to head down to the cargo bay and prepare for battle.

When the bay doors opened, Ciana was met with chaos as bolts of shadowkin plasma and bolts of pulse energy soared through the air. She was suddenly very aware of the cybernetics on her skull and face, a painful reminder of how devastating shadowkin plasma could be. She steeled herself and charged into the fore, shard rifle at the ready.


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