OOC - A Super Brief Summary of Recent Events in EoC

So, a good place to start would be to read the post where I had Rin, Yamato, and Nrak go through a big portal into a place called Dalen (hopefully I did an good job writing Yamato. If not, I'm sorry). Earlier, the Being explained that the heroes are going to Dalen to rescue Aiden Brennus, who has somehow gotten lost there. This portal is also taking the heroes back in time, so the Being urged the heroes not to mess things up too much.

Anyway, so all the heroes land in a wheat field (Rin injures herself in the process) where they encounter a small half-fey woman named Orla, whom the heroes were instructed to find, accompanied by a strange man named Horo, whom the heroes were not told about. After that, nothing much of import transpires except that Vex is getting fed up with waiting around and has decided to storm off toward a nearby town to begin searching for Aiden. Horns has chased her down, apparently agreeing with her plan.

And that is pretty much it. We are kind of stuck right now, and I'm trying to figure out how to break this logjam after I implemented a poorly thought out policy of enforcing a hard turn order, something I will soon retract after Writing Bug posts.

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