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Summary: Just call me Soy

Sawyer (Soy) Liveli

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: Hunters/Scavengers


Canadian, so get used to a lot of Eh's and hockey talk...


He is a Hunter/Scavenger
He knows how to set up traps, start fires and whittle. He has some knowledge on poisonous berries. So these skills allow him to perform well as a hunter, and also to keep everything at the camp in good condition.


Unsure, what would I put here?

Physical Appearance

His lower leg was sliced off during the crash, only leaving a stump at his knee. He has brown hair, a small beard and a muscular build. He had tattoos along his chest and shoulders.

Personality and interests

Active, and always loves work his muscles in any way. He has some knowledge in survival skills, since he watches shows like Survivorman, and Bear Grylls. He still likes to help out, and never gives up on a task. He sometimes gets angry when no one listens or he messes up on something, but usually controls it.


Before his trip to Fiji, where he was going to visit a close friend, he was playing hockey for a college team. His family lives in a different area than where he is playing, so he doesn't see them often.

Items Carried

A gold chain around his neck and a flint/steel. He also carries a versatile Multi-tool knife.

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Image of Sawyer (Soy) Liveli
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