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Summary: Get off your ass and do some shit.

Jessica (Jess) Calder

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Hunters/Scavengers


American... I assume a big city like New York.


She often went hunting and fishing with her father as her mother was never in the picture. Here hunting and fishing skills will benefit in getting food for the survivors.


Assumed leader of the Survivors

Physical Appearance

Long, brown hair usually up in a ponytail.
Dark brown eyes.

Personality and interests

Has no time for bullshit. Jess is a very forward girl. If she likes you you'll know and if she doesn't, she has no filter so you'll definitely know.


Get to know in the game.

Items Carried

A piece of cloth that she keeps wrapped around her wrist.

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Image of Jessica (Jess) Calder
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