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OOC - Nick & Nicki Exit Stage Left

Dec 16, 2018, 3:56pm by Esimed

I think I'm going to pull out from this game. I really appreciate the thought you put into creating your zombies and the setting for the last bastion of humanity, but I've got myself spread ...

OOC - Having a baby

Dec 3, 2018, 9:04pm by Drake64

To all my fellow Zone Commandoes, Currently my wifey is in the hospital, about to have our son. I was meaning to have another post up before today, but it seems it's just not in the cards ...

Meeting the Infected

Nov 25, 2018, 2:10am by Drake64

The Bodsbay bridge, named after Lieutenant Wayne Bodsbay who oversaw it's construction, was really little more than a narrow strip of steel grating which ran from the platform on the Hope si ...

Let's go catch us some men

Nov 17, 2018, 8:57pm by Esimed

“Take it from someone who has been on the receiving end of the frantic 3AM phone calls and panic induced mania of a blind woman who’s terrified of everything that MIGHT be happening arou ...

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