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Summary: Captain Adler Ferdinand authorizes and organizes all incursions into the Infected Zone.

Adler Ferdinand

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Authority


Among other responsibilities, Adler coordinates all Zone Commando raids into the Infected Zone. Every single supply, piece of equipment, and refugee that comes onto the islands passes through his dockside warehouses. More recently, the task of forming supplemental teams from the civilian population has also been dumped on his already overburdened shoulders.



Physical Appearance

Average hight, lean build, ever present beard stubble.

Personality and interests

Adler is a meticulous and detail oriented man who rarely lets his guard down. He keeps his emotions to himself and takes great pride in his German heritage, often spouting off phrases in his native language.


Before the outbreak, he served in the German military. By the time the remaining armies of the planet united to fight the undead tide, his homeland had already been overrun. In the coming years he watched all of his remaining countrymen die and come back. He holds out hope that somewhere out there, more are still fighting. But he might just be the last of the Fatherland left on Earth.

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Image of Adler Ferdinand
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