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Summary: Zombie Spitters are free for all players to use as they please.

Zombie - Spitter

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Gender: Male or Female

Age: Any

Group: Undead


Roughly one in a hundred zombies will return as a Spitter. As such, they are the second most common. In this mutation, the pathogen causes their bodies to produce and store large quantities of highly corrosive acid which they can in tern spray from a modified gland in their throat. While accuracy is lacking, they can reach impressive distances and have even shot down low flying aircraft. When shot, acid will often spray from the bullet hole.



Physical Appearance

Spitters have a very distinctive gapping jaw. Most of their teeth have desolved away due to the acid.

Personality and interests

Similar personality to Walkers.


Every Spitter was once a human. Beyond that, you can decide their history.

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Image of Zombie - Spitter
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