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Summary: The Flesh creeps and crawls, slowly turning the earth itself into a visage of undeath.

The Flesh

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Group: Undead


In the most heavily infested places, The Flesh takes up root. It slowly grows and expands, covering everything in it's path. It coats hundreds of square miles in some places, swallowing up neighborhoods and even cities. What it's purpose is or how it's connected to the undead is a mystery. It can be traversed on foot but any traver foolish to fall asleep is likely to wake up to find themself half consumed by it. The only known defense is fire. The Flesh temporarily recedes in the presence of it.



Physical Appearance

The Flesh appears as an undulating carpet of slowly spreading, rotting biomass. Strange structures grow from it with no apparent purpose.

Personality and interests

The Flesh seems to have no personality


Sometime after the initial outbreak, The Flesh began to appear in heavily infested zones. Little else is known about it.

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Image of The Flesh
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