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Summary: A college football star/chef turned zombie slayer.

Noah Waters

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Zone Commandos


Combat training with a focus in melee weapons. Primarily his axe.
A skilled chef.


Mister will do just fine.

Physical Appearance

A tall, African-American man in his early forties with short dark hair and beard with flecks of gray. Usually seen in thick clothing.

Personality and interests

Noah is friendly to most people and a stand-up guy. He gets along with pretty much everyone and isn't afraid to have a drink with people he's only just met.

He is very protective of those he cares for, however, and if you threaten those he loves, you will soon regret it.

He loves cooking and is always working on some new "survivalist" recipe. So far no one has had complaints with his cooking.


Noah was born and raised in Chicago and went to college on a football scholarship. He never played professional, instead opting to get a job in his family's restaurant. He ran the restaurant up until the apocalypse happened. Then he spent some years surviving, learning to fend for himself and defend against the undead with his now signature axe.

His fondness for the weapon has caused The Authority to nickname him "Hackett" as in "hack it to pieces."

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Image of Noah Waters
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