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Summary: Sergeant James Krueger has participated in more than a dozen raids into The Infected Zone.

James Krueger

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Gender: Man

Age: 36

Group: Zone Commandos


Krueger is the recently appointed and highly unenthusiastic commander of the first expeditionary civilian recruited ZC team.



Physical Appearance

Taller than most, with solid, stony features. Does not smile.

Personality and interests

No one ever feels close to Krueger, but it's plain to all that he hasn't yet morned his many losses. On his off time he prefers solitude.


Formerly of the Zimbabwe Defense Force, he distinguished himself in the war against the undead as a skilled fighter with his trusty battle rifle. Seeing his country fall despite his best efforts to save it has left him with a bit of a dour demeanor.

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Image of James Krueger
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