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Summary: Since day one, Lt. Colonel George Creedmoor has been in charge of the islands' defense.

George Creedmoor

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Gender: Man

Age: 42

Group: Authority


In charge of defense and general day to day operations of the three islands. The people of Hope look to him to keep them safe.


Lt. Colonel

Physical Appearance

Creedmoor is average hight, though many would swear he is much taller. His hair is graying.

Personality and interests

Creedmoor is a natural born tactician. He held the last North American line of defense for weeks before two Titans arrived at once and laid waste to it, effectively ending all organized resistance. He's seen much and has the scars to show it. Loves puzzles, though he seldom has the time for them anymore.


A former tank commander, Creedmoor used to command an entire battalion of MBTs. However, the undead have ground the human war machine down. Now his heaviest weapons are six Humvees with empty fuel tanks and a few mortars and rocket launchers.

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Image of George Creedmoor
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