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Summary: Wether the Captain is a unique specimen or the first in a new zombie strain is as yet unknown.

Zombie Captain

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Undead


The Captain is a faster, stronger, much more resilient zombie. It is definitely not a one-shot one-kill opponent.



Physical Appearance

Still clothed in the uniform that it wore with such pride in life, the Zombie Captain otherwise has the appearance of an abnormally well preserved Walker.

Personality and interests

Unlike the average Walker, the Captain does display a modicum of intelligence. It displays a strong affinity for the ship it used to captain and will not leave it. Rather than attacking outright, it prefers to wait and watch those who trespass onto its ship and only attacks when its undead crew fail to do the job.


Once the captain of a fuel tanker who foolishly allowed an Infected refugee onboard and paid the price. Possibly due to his strong connection to his ship, he now prowls it's passageways, attacking any human foolish enough to set foot onboard, and adding them to his undead crew. Though he spouts the occasional bit of shipboard jargon, it's quite pointless to try to speak to him. Like a parrot repeating the sounds of learned words, there's no comprehension behind it all.

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Image of Zombie Captain
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