Boss Fight!


"Damn it!" Krueger cursed.

He'd been so preoccupied keeping an eye on everyone else that he hadn't kept up with how many shots he'd fired. As if on cue, a zombie lunged at him. He reacted, cracking it in the head with his buttstock. He then spun, hurling his foot into the air. There was an audible crack as the heel of his boot made contact with the walker's temple, sending it flying off the edge of the ship.

He popped a new magazine in and fired off three quick shots, clearing the way forward. Then he barreled through, slamming the hatch shut. That was it, they had a chance now if they could thin the ranks out a bit. He emptied the rest of the magazine and popped in a third. To his left he saw Hackett swing his axe over his head, bringing it down on a walker, splitting it's head open like a cord of wood. To his right, Nick and his blind sister seemed to be taking turns, stabbing and shooting. And behind them, Rick was finishing off the last straggler to the rear. It was hard to believe, really hard to believe, but this band of misfits was actually doing it. In less time than he'd have guessed, they swept from one end of the ship to the other, closing hatches as they went, until just one remained.

"Even a ship as big as this shouldn't need a crew this size. They must have picked up some refugees. One of them was probably an Infected," Krueger thought aloud as they all stared down into the ship's black abyss.

With a loud clank the last hatch was slammed shut and secured.

"Let Authority figure out what to do with the rest," he said.

From somewhere an angry screech broke out. Everyone looked around.

"Mmmmy... shiiiiip...!"

"Somebody please tell me what that was," Nicki said.

High up in the wheel house there was a loud crash and the sound of twisting metal and breaking glass.

"My... shiiiiiip...!" an unearthly voice screamed.

They all looked up to see a zombie dressed in a dingy captain's uniform hurtling down through the air at them. It landed among the squad and flailed its arms around with such force that it sent everyone flying. Krueger reached out and wrapped his fingers around the railing at the last moment as he flew over the edge. He felt a painful jerk and suddenly his whole body slammed into the side of the hull. It knocked the wind out of him and his whole body ached, but he held on.

"What the hell kind of zombie is that?" he said to himself as he struggled to climb back up.

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