Captain Crunch

Noah had, so far, been struggling to shut the hatch.

“What’s wrong,” Nick asked to Noah, who was swearing under his breath. “Why won’t the latch engage?”

"Damn thing's gummed up with rust. Gimme a sec..." He produced his axe, Percy, and flipped it to the blunt end and used it like a hammer to slam the hatch shut. "There, Percy helped."

A few rotters got close enough for Noah to introduce them to Percy.

"Mmmmy... shiiiiip...!"

"Somebody please tell me what that was," Nicki said.

High up in the wheel house there was a loud crash and the sound of twisting metal and breaking glass.

"My... shiiiiiip...!" an unearthly voice screamed.

They all looked up to see a zombie dressed in a dingy captain's uniform hurtling down through the air at them. It landed among the squad and flailed its arms around with such force that it sent everyone flying. Krueger reached out and wrapped his fingers around the railing at the last moment as he flew over the edge. He felt a painful jerk and suddenly his whole body slammed into the side of the hull. It knocked the wind out of him and his whole body ached, but he held on.

"What the hell kind of zombie is that?" he said to himself as he struggled to climb back up.

Noah had managed to hook Percy on the railing and pulled himself back up. He was somewhat surprised at the sight of this new, vocal, rotter. It was fast and powerful. Pity Percy wasn't the proper tool to put the pestilent captain out of his misery. He shoved the axe back into its sheath and produced his sawed-off shotgun, racking a round into the chamber and firing at the abnormal undead. It did a sort of contorted dance move which only mean some of the buckshot clipped its side.

"MMMMMMYYYyyyyy SSSSSHHHHHIIIIIiiiiiiiippppppppppp!" The captain wailed and lunged at Noah. He managed to roll to the side, pumped another shell into his shotgun and fired. Again, the fucker did his little jittery break dancing move and was only mildly injured.

Noah cursed. This would be tough...

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