Desperate Fighting

So much for a clean op! In an instant the Zombie Captain had them panicked and devided, fighting for their very lives. Krueger scrambled back onto the ship. As he did, he saw the beast tossing Nicki across the deck like a rag doll. Meanwhile, her brother unloaded two then three rounds into its back, seemingly to no effect. Noah lay face down near the railing. He was breathing, but that was all that could be said.

Krueger snatched up his rifle, drew a bead on the creature's head, and squeezed the trigger for a quick kill. Time seemed to slow down as the 7.62mm round sailed through the air, passed clean through the zombie's temple, and then struck the wall behind it. And yet, it did not go down. Nor did his next two, equally well placed shots seem to do the trick. It did seem to piss it off though. It turned it's soulless grey eyes on him and bared blackened teeth.

"Swab the deck!" it screeched as it lunged at him.

Under other circumstances, Krueger might have laughed at such a ridiculous thing. Instead, he hit it with a crisp kick to the face. It pushed the monster back but he felt like he'd just kicked a brick wall. That was going to hurt later, a lot.

"Part of the ship... part of ghe crew...," it said, getting ready to lunge at him again.

Okay, that was actually pretty menacing. He raised his rifle and prepared for the end. Suddenly Hacket and Nick ran up and hit it with tandem loads of buckshot squar in the head. Half its body immediately went limp. Without thinking about it, Krueger thumbed Linda over to full auto. As he unloaded his entire magazine into the Captain's head, he became aware of Davenport next to him, arm outstretched, firing Hollywood style.

Everyone seemed to run out of ammo at once. Then the four of them just stood, staring at the nearly headless zombie. Only a jawbone and a few tiny mounds of fleshy brain matter remained. It's tongue danced around in the air, protruding from what was left of it's mouth while a gurgling sound welled up from within its throat.

"Eww, gross!" a feminine voice said from behind them.

Then came a high pitched 'pop' and something went whizzing past Krueger much closer than he'd have preferred. It impacted the zombie in the center of its throat, causing it to stumble backwards. A moment later it erupted in a bright red light, so intense that that they all had to look away. As he did, Krueger saw Nicki, holding a flare gun she'd found. She stared on, completely oblivious to the bright light.

She'd lost her mask, revealing a badly split lip and and the beginnings of a bruise on her right cheekbone.

"You guys, please tell me I didn't miss," she said, wiping blood from her nose.

Hours later

With the main deck cleared and most of the undead trapped bellow, the squad was able to find a serviceable hose and valve from which to transfer the diesel fuel. Everything from ships to generators ran on it. Second only perhaps to food, it was the lifeblood of the islands.

While the civilian crew of the Hetzer eagerly filled the ship's tank and rolled out every fuel barrel they could find, the squad sat in the dying light, watching the sun descend behind the distant horizon. With every passing second the air was becoming even more frigid. But no one really cared at the moment. They'd survived the day.

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