Beer's On Me

Then came a high pitched 'pop' and something went whizzing past Krueger much closer than he'd have preferred. It impacted the zombie in the center of its throat, causing it to stumble backwards. A moment later it erupted in a bright red light, so intense that that they all had to look away. As he did, Krueger saw Nicki, holding a flare gun she'd found. She stared on, completely oblivious to the bright light.

She'd lost her mask, revealing a badly split lip and and the beginnings of a bruise on her right cheekbone.

"You guys, please tell me I didn't miss," she said, wiping blood from her nose.

"You did good, kid." Noah said with a smirk as he put away his shotgun and pulled out Percy. Then he proceeded to hack up the corpse of the slowly cooking captain with his axe. When everyone gave him a confused and concerned look like he'd gone nuts he looked at them and shrugged. "Just to be sure."

After things had been more or less cleaned and the fuel was being pumped Noah took a seat on the deck of the Hetzer and took in the glorious sunset. Living in a zombie apocalypse and fighting to survive usually meant most people didn't have time to sit down and enjoy life, even for a few minutes. So Noah took every opportunity to do so to remind himself why he still fought. Why he still survived. Because survival wasn't enough without actually living.

That thought reminded him that he needed to check out the ship's mess hall and see if it hadn't been raided by scavengers already. He didn't expect a navy vessel to have fine cuisine, probably just the same dehydrated crap they've all been eating for several months. But maybe the ship's cook had a secret stash of spices? It would be worth a look, the right seasonings was all that separated a Meal Ready to Eat and a Meal Ready to Evacuate. And the zone commandos in particular deserved a few decent meals.

Then he had another thought. He knew a guy who knew a guy who could get him some beers. Noah had earned a few favors with some of the military personnel that he'd been saving up for a rainy day. Yeah... a beer sounded nice right now. And the team deserved it too. That's what he'd do when they got back to the islands. Beers for everyone and hopefully a good few rat burgers as well.

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