Krueger knelt on the deck, rifle resting on the railing, staring down the iron sites at the harbor, searching for a target. Davenport's skill with that machinegun was impeccable. Stalkers practically flew, they moved so fast, and yet he was able to wipe two of them out with what looked like practiced ease.

But Arrow squad was still coming in hot. Their trucks swerved and bounced as they navigated their way back towards the Hetzer at breakneck speed. Hammer's trucks were nowhere to be seen.

"What gives, Krueger?"

It was Nick and Nicki. He gritted his teeth.

"That hospital they went to raid was dangerous, but nothing they shouldn't be able to handle. Something must have-," he stopped to squeeze off a shot.

Out in the darkness a zombie fell sideways to the ground. Arrow squad's trucks were nearly to the edge of the harbor now. Still no sign of what was chasing them, though. And still no sign of Hammer squad, either.

Slowly, the captain brought the Hetzer the rest of the way in to meet them.

"What do you think is chasing them?" Nicki asked.

"I don't know, Miss Ricard. But I you two should go fetch the other machinegun off the other side of the ship. I have a bad feeling that we're going to need it," he said to the twins.

The trucks screached to a halt, one sliding on ice to within mere feet of a drop into the deadly cold ocean. Hurriedly, Arrow squad jumped out and pointed their rifles back the way they'd come.

"What is it? How many?" Krueger yelled out to them, but none answered.

Damn it! They should have radios!

They waited tensely for a minute, maybe two. Then the sounds of more engines reached Krueger's ears. It was the other squad!

Two more trucks came into view, following much the same path as the first ones had, but traveling even more recklessly fast. As they got closer, it could be seen that one was missing its trailer and men were shooting out the windows at something in the darkness.

Krueger ran to an orange case on the cabin wall and pulled out a flare gun. He pointed it into the sky over the approaching trucks and fired. The red flare sizzled and bathed the harborin red light, aluminating dozens upon dozens of zombies, all stalkers, chasing the trucks. This was bad. This was REALLY bad!

"Hurry up with that machinegun!" he yelled, shouldering his rifle.

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