The Jackrabbits are Hungry

<<"I don't know, Miss Ricard. But I think you two should go fetch the other machine gun off the other side of the ship. I have a bad feeling that we're going to need it," he said to the twins.>>

“Dibs on the machine gun!” Nicki called out over her shoulder as she scrambled for the far side of the ship. Her brother reached out for her too slowly and she deftly evaded his grasp. Nick lingered at Krueger’s side while Arrow squad skidded to a halt and took up a defensive position.

<<"What is it? How many?" Krueger yelled out to them, but none answered.>>

Minutes ticked by as the Hetzer’s ragtag civilian squad waited on the edge of the ship and their nerves. Finally the third and fourth trucks came into view, racing back to the ship with their engines screaming at high RPMs. Nick saw the flash of gunfire coming from those vehicles and moments later Krueger was back, firing off a flare into the night sky.

<<"Hurry up with that machine gun!" he yelled, shouldering his rifle.>>

Nicki stepped up to her brothers side with the machine gun in hand and he could tell she was listening intently to the sounds coming from their returning squads. She silently handed the weapon over to her brother and he racked the slide back to load it. “Dozens of them, Nicki, and these are the jack rabbit kind.” Jack rabbits were agile and fast and liked to leap so that’s what the twins had taken to calling the Stalker zombies.

Nicki stepped back from the railing to give herself room to fight in case the Stalkers were able to scale the hull of the ship. She was able to deal with the slow moving zombies despite her disability, but the fast ones were impossible to keep up with by sound alone. She jumped when Nick’s gun fired off and stepped back from him even further, feeling the slick deck beneath her feet. Close quarter combat was going to be dicey too. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself as the sound of gunfire filled the void around her.

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