Well that was Cheerful...

When the talk turned to the subject of The Flesh the twins took noticeable interest, but did not join the discussion. They had come across something matching the description Krueger gave; a carpet of flesh. Obviously they’d survived that encounter, but the thought of anything other than humans being zombified was somehow more disturbing. This world held enough threats as it was, if they had to contend with carnivorous terrain what was next?

From there the last few moments of night saw the mood settle into a dreary sort. Not even the passing around of canned meat could lift that curtain of gloom. Nicki repositioned herself and directed her face towards the first rays of the dawn. She didn’t know where the words came from as she was usually of a cheerful disposition, but she filled the silence gathered around the squads and crew with and impromptu poem.

“I stayed up through the night
and watched the moon get chased across the sky
and watched as the serenity of night
brought forth the bleakness of day
in all its empty whites
bitter blues
and tired greys
There’s something to be said about a sunrise
in which the sun is nowhere to be found.”

OOC: How long has the zombie apoc been going on at the time of our story?

OOC: Good question. Should have already posted this. It's been about ten years since the war began, though some areas stayed relatively untouched by it until as recently as five years ago.

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