No rest for the weary

Krueger stepped out of his commander's office and into the main warehouse. All the supplies were inside now but crews were still busily sorting, cataloging, and organizing it all. He even saw one of his commandos helping out. They were welcome to, but as far as he was concerned, they'd risked their lives to get it all and the least everyone else could do was handle the menial stuff. He swayed slightly as he walked past. Damn Adler, it'd been a long time since he'd drank anything! He shook his head to bring everything back into focus. All those bodies moving about had actually generated quite a bit of heat in the damp old warehouse. When he swung the exit door open and stepped outside a gust of icy air hit him, immediately sending a shiver up his spine. Before the door was even shut a humvee zipped by, splashing water everywhere as it went.

"Gods damn it! Slow down! Your wasting fuel!" a nearby sergeant yelled, waving a fist.

Apparently the influx of fuel had allowed for a few vehicles to be pulled out of the garage at HQ. It'd be good for moral if nothing else.

Before he'd left, Adler had also told him that the new dormitory had finally been completed in town. It wasn't pretty by any means but the building would be able to house about two hundred people, which would ease the overcrowding in the tent village further inland. Two more were planned, but without fuel it had been slow going. Hopefully that would change now. With temperatures only dropping, it was sure to become a crisis otherwise.

He stopped by the barracks, dropped off his gear, and headed over to the mess tent. Even as he approached he could smell the heavily spiced spam cooking. No doubt Mister Waters had returned to his day job. Just as he was about to throw back the tent flap and treat himself to a hot meal, a soldier came running up. The man was out of breath and had obviously been running as hard as he could.

"Sir," the man said, heaving.

"What is it... Private Nelson," Krueger said, reading the man's name off of his uniform.

"Sir, I have orders to bring the first ZC team I can find to the Bodsbay bridge," he said.

This was bad. Bodsbay bridge was the one and only passage between Hope and Quarantine Zone, home of the resident Infected. Engineers had thrown it together to alleviate the need for a boat to fairy supplies and medical staff to the island. A gate and two machinegun equipped guard towers were also erected to keep the infected on their side of the bridge. If the pathogen had somehow jumped from on island to the other, it could be catastrophic!

"You!" Krueger said, pointing to a man exiting the tent. "The cook in there, Hackett, is one of my men. Tell him to gather the rest of the squad, get their gear, and meet me at Bodsbay bridge on the double. Priority one, soldier! Priority fucking one! I'll brief them once they arrive."

Krueger prayed that the man wasn't a complete bumbling moron.

"Alright, lets go. Explain on the way," he said to the soldier and the two took off running.

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