Stop me if you've heard this one....

“Oh boo, that was just terrible,” one of the civilians in the mess tent heckled as Nick stood before them looking around for someone who had appreciated his joke. Not a single one of them had.

“Tough crowd, big brother. Let me see if I can do any better.” Nicki took her brother’s place in front of the table with it’s small gathering of off duty or lazy staffers. She swallowed a sip of her hot tea and held the cup out absently. Nick scooped it out of her hand and sat down roughly, put off that he hadn’t gotten a single chuckle out of the throng.

“Did you hear the one about the blind man who walked into the bar? Raise your hand if you’ve heard this one. No one? Good. So a blind man walks into a bar. And a table. And a door. And a staircase.”

Arctic crickets.

“Alright fine, I was just getting warmed up. What do you call a blind German? A Not See. Nazi. Get it? Hey Nick, did everyone leave?” There were a few chuckles at the self deprecating humor, but none for the jokes.

“Geez, you’d think people would have a less refined sense of humor during a zombie apocalypse. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have a hard time getting their head around the fact that Captain Ferdinand is from Germany and Corporal Krueger is from Zimbabwe. I doubt is still up and running so researching those surnames is not happening, but that can really confuse a blind blond.”

Nicki was flailing miserably, but as luck would have it an emergency arose just in time to save her from making a further fool of herself. Not that she minded, they all knew it was in good fun and any entertainment was better than nothing. Her brother whispered in her ear and darted off to collect the few pieces of gear they owned that could help them out on the bridge.

“I guess the jokes on all of you. This blind chica is off to save your butts from certain doom. Well, that’s my time folks. Don’t forget to tip your chef, he’s been serving up those spicy spam patties. That counts as meat.” One of the men walked her to the door with a gentle arm at her elbow where they waited for Nick’s quick return. Nick gave the man a nod of thanks and they ran/walked until they flagged down that water splashing humvee and hitched a ride to the Bodsbay bridge.

Krueger was already there assessing the situation when they arrived. “What’s the sitrep, Sir?” Nicki thumped her brother on the chest to congratulate him on his use of military jargon.

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