"Have they crossed the bridge?" Krueger asked as they ran.

"No, sir. But they have taken several MPs prisoner and they're threatening to infect them if we don't let them across. I- I think the isolation is getting to them," the private explained.

"You the ZCs?" a short, burly, pale skinned army captain, dressed in full battle armor asked as they approached the fortified bridge.

"Yes. The rest of my squad will be here shortly. What is it you need, Captain?" Krueger asked.

"Well, you're the zombie experts and these damn half-zombies have five of my men. I need you to go in and take them out is what I need," he said as though it were it were the stupidest question in the history of all questions.

"Sir, we're not hostage negotiators," Krueger said, perplexed.

"Damn it, they're zombies! I don't want you to negotiate with them! I want you to shoot them and get my men back," the Captain yelled, becoming red in the face.

"No! Absolutely not! Those specimens are the cornerstone of my research. We cannot afford to loose even one," a blond haired woman in a black trenchcoat said, stepping up. The red tabs on her collar told Krueger that she was a member of the Science Corps. Definitely higher up Authority's chain than a lowly captain.

Krueger let out a sigh. What had he gotten himself into?

"Ma'am, what would you have me do?" he asked.

"Do whatever it takes to subdue the subjects without seriously harming them. I can't stress enough just how valuable they are to my research," she said.

"Ma'am, as I told Captain...," he glanced at the now fuming man's name tag, "Nelson, my squad is not specialized in this type of operation. Surely a more qualified unit is available."

"Maybe there is, but we haven't the time. This is getting out of hand and I don't trust Captain Nelson's men to restrain themselves. Sergeant, do this for me and you'll be doing humanity a far greater service than lugging back cans of tuna and spam," she said.

Krueger did his best to ignore the myriad of insults.

Just then, the twins arrived.

“What’s the sitrep, Sir?” Nick asked.

Nicki thumped her brother on the chest.

"What! Is she- Aren't you the blind girl that came in off the boat?!?" Nelson stammered.

"The one that makes the really bad jokes," another soldier whispered.

"Yes, Miss Ricard is my unit's...," he searched for the right word.

"Mascot," Nicki offered.

"Specialist," Krueger said.

"Fine! Whatever! Just get my men back," Nelson yelled, casting spit.

"Very well, Captain," he replied.

Once the rest of the squad had arrived, Krueger relayed what few details he had been given and they headed down the bridge to their next mission.

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