Fresh Meat

Captain Adler Ferdinand lay back in his chair. Despite the ever present mess of file folders, paperwork, maps, and charts, it was all finally in order. Every report reviewed. Every order signed. It was chaos, but it was organized chaos. Now he had just one more matter to attend to for the day.

As if on que, Zack walked in. He was a well built American, with a messy tuft of red hair atop his head. He had a machete strapped to his side but obviously felt uncomfortable without the guns that had kept him alive for so long.

He stood in the doorway, arms crossed.

"Ein anderer betritt die falte...," Adler muttered under his breath as he picked up the man's file.

"Ah, Herr... Zack. Just Zack? Eh. Prior military training; Authority always likes to hear that. Hm... Seems you came in with Anchor squad the other day. So tell me, your feet have barely been dry for twenty-four hours, why such a hurry to get back out there?" Adler said, setting the folder back down.

"I have my reasons," Zack said.

"Enlightenment me, soldier," Adler said, resting his elbows on his desk and settling his chin onto the knuckles of his clasped hands.

"Sir, I believe that somewhere out there someone started this. That 'someone' is going to pay and it's going to be me who does the collecting," Zack said, emphatically pounding his thumb into his chest.

Adler cocked an eyebrow. "You know, even when we still controlled most of the planet and had multiple agencies looking into it, we never could pinpoint where it really started or how it began. Whoever started this, if there even is a 'whoever', is probably dead by now."

"Then I'm going to find their shambling corpse and re-kill it," Zack said.

Adler couldn't help but sympathize with the man. He wanted someone to be responsible for all this; wanted someone to blame, to make pay. He wanted to take vengeance on someone for the loss of his beloved Fatherland!

He gritted his teeth at the thought.

"Sehr gut. I believe we have a place for you, so long as you can take orders. Just sign these recruitment papers and report back at zero-eight hundred hours tomorrow. At that time, I'll introduce you to your commanding officer. His name is Sergeant James Krueger. He won't like you, but don't let that get to you," Adler said with a wry grin. Then he rose to offer him a hand. "Welcome aboard, Herr Zack."

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