Let's go catch us some men

“Take it from someone who has been on the receiving end of the frantic 3AM phone calls and panic induced mania of a blind woman who’s terrified of everything that MIGHT be happening around her, but only because she doesn’t actually know what’s happening around her. It’s not the physical isolation that’s getting to those people over there. It’s the fear of the unknown. They may be condemned to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s company, but they are still human and being part of the world is a fundamental need for all of us. Even those who are infected.” Nick waved away the Captain’s answering look and pending tirade. “I know they can’t mingle with the rest of us, but tell me they’re at least being kept apprised of the happenings out here and out there.” Nick pointed up at the sky as if the rest of the world was somehow above them.

Nicki tightened the bandana around her mouth and flipped two middle fingers at the whispering soldier, “My jokes aren’t nearly as bad as your manners, Private Gomer Pyle. But if it takes a blind woman’s touch to sort out your mess, I’ll oblige. If we’re to calm them down and talk them out of this hostage taking business we’ll have to give them something they want in return and the first rule of making demands is to keep it realistic. I’m going to assume they know the long game doesn’t play out well for any of them even with the hostages. They don’t want your men in there any more than you do. But if you’ve taken every other leverage they have…...well this is what happens.” Nicki lowered her Speedo vanquisher 2.0 mirrored goggles down over her eyes and stared off towards nowhere in particular. “Let’s hit it Krueger. Which way’s the bridge?”

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