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Summary: An evil dark clown with sith like powers

Darph Bobo (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Dark Clown Empire


Dark Clown


Similar to a Sith
Lightning: Can shoot lightning from his hands
Balloon Animals: Can use powers to turn persons head into a balloon animal.
Lase Sword: Can use a laser sword to fight with.


Supreme leader of the Dark Clown Empire

Physical Appearance

See pic
Height: 6'3"

Personality and Interests

He is a typical bully as a result of society. he wants instant gradifi


Darph Bobo is the supreme leader of the Dark Clown Empire. He wants to take over the universe because he was teased as a child. He attended high school but was kicked out since he had to spend time in prison because of being teased and losing his temper. He has a belittling wife, Bernice, and two daughters, the teenager Babette and an unnamed younger child Booboo. Bobo is often seen with his "clown trooper" guards - a parody of Storm Troopers, while the name is a play on clone troopers. Both his name and outfit are a parody of the Darths from the Star Wars movies, as is his desire to construct a "Death Orb", a deadly battle station, which is a parody of the Death Star. Sadly his wife and daughters are shop-a-holics which often cuts into his military spending. It also doesn't help that his actions need to be done in secret from the Confederation since they will interfere with his plans for the the "Death Orb".

Favourite Sayings

Eat laser sword schmuck

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Image of Darph Bobo (NPC)
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