The Distraction

Luna was not even a little thrilled about the swim suit idea. It was a two piece dark blue and left very little to the imagination. Her long wight hair and extremely pail skin was a dead give away that she did not spend much time in the sun. “Why are these things so uncomfortable” Luna growled out of irritating. Her face turned bright red as she caught a group of guys staring at her. “I’m going to kick someone’s but for this” she said. She felt less like a person and more like a universal pet.

Nine: Oh girl. You shouldn't be ashamed of your body. Being attractive is the main reason women still have power over men.

If Luna thought her swimsuit was skimpy, she failed to notice what Nine and Babette were wearing. Nine was wearing an itsy biysy teeny weeny black and white polkadot bikini and she was not ashamed one bit as she paraded around in it. As a lovebot she was build for getting the attention of others. Now that Nine was imprinted onto Jack she would do as he ordered without to much concern unless it resulted in her or his demise. Walking around in a bikini didn't concern her, however Jack taking a big risk did as she worried for him since he did care for her........especially behind closed doors.

Babette: True. I find that the less clothing I wear the dumber men get around me. Besides I have nothing to be ashamed of. Men want me and women want to be me. Yo Goldie oil me up.

Babette on the other hand was used to wearing skimpy clothing since her mother raised her to be a runway model. She had on a shapely skinny and tight bikini that enhanced her curves and teased the onlookers. She was going for a jaw dropping approach. Naturally she was pretty, ruthless and skinny, but she developed eating problems in order to remain skinny. The Clown Empire was very twisted in how they brainwashed their kids into psychopaths and sociopaths. It was odd that Babette would even have the will to break away and cut ties with her family. Of course the main reason was her refusal to marry a wealthy Prince that resembled a cross between a pervy green slimy elephant/slug life form with trunks all over its body. For Babette this was the last straw since she wanted to choose for her self. Sadly in her attempts to find love with the son of the leader of the Confederation it ended tragically as he betrayed her to his father and was almost caught in a trap. Had it not been for Jack's crafty mind they would be rotting in a Confederate prison by now. Even though Babette was not to keen on Jack's plan, she preferred to not get shot at and take it easy.

Goldie: Yes ma'am.

Goldie was at the beckon call of the three girls as she was putting on protective oil on their backs which did distract the males in the area and some of the females as well. Goldie was also in charge of getting the ladies drinks and snacks as needed.


While the three ladies were getting the attention, Jack was in the shadows using his data pad to hack into the guards electric wristbands and the cameras. Jack also managed to avoid Vinny and the other gang members as they were casing the security. It was then that Jack realized a bug in the security system. Every time they had to visit the vault to drop off or add money the alarm had to be turned off while the guards were nearby. Jack used that opportunity to roll a small stealth drone under the money cart while the guards were checking out the ladies. Then he had the drone attach itself under the cart as the guards were yelled at by the manager and headed to the vault to drop off the money. Since the alarm was off Jack programmed his stealth drone to sneak under the pallets of money and head to the one in the back. Since the guards were making noise moving the money to the next pallet they were oblivious to Jack's drone that was under the last pallet of money. Jack smirked as he had his drone in place and now had the upper hand on the security. He then beamed back onto the Hammerhead and talked to BOB about a few things.

BOB: Are you serious? Why in the world do i need to collect that?

Jack: Its a back up plan to keep us from getting caught.

BOB: And what is in it for me?

Jack: Well we do need money for your maintenance right?

BOB: Fine......but you better fix my damaged systems.

Jack: Come on BOB we have a give and take relationship right?

BOB: Yeah yeah. I'll do it, but if it gets me destroyed I'll kill you.

Jack: Fair enough.

Jack collected some items and then beamed back to the pleasure cruiser and headed to his room to work on a few things.


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