A Close Call

One guy got way to close for comfort. Luna turned and slapped him “Back of pervert” Luna snapped. The male looked pretty shocked for a second before he turned to Babette and Nine. “Is that your little sister she's cute but has an attitude problem” he said admiring Babette and Nine. “ I have a problem your the one how does not understand the concept of personal space” Luna snapped before walking away to the other side of the pool she tried very hard to ignore the nonsense from the men as she did so.

Babette chuckled as Luna stormed off. Then she used that chance to bait the wealthy and arrogant business men into impressing her. From the corner of her eye she could see that Nine was also playing as a bubble headed bimbo to flirt for free drinks, snacks and jewelry. Goldie soon found herself collecting all manner of gift for Babette and Nine as the men competed with each other for the attention of the ladies.

Meanwhile Jack somehow completed his mission while barely avoiding being spotted. Then he worked with BOB to help with the next phase of the plan. Then Jack was forced to hide as Vinny was lurking around.


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