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Summary: The Commander of The Destiny

Lilith Miller

Gender: Female

Age: 43

Group: Tau'ri

Nationality/Home World





Armed combat
Leadership skills

Beretta 92FS

Physical Appearance

Miller is a tall woman with dark hair and blue eyes. She's rarely ever seen out of her uniform.

Personality and interests

Stern and no-nonsense, Miller maintains her cool in even the most difficult of situations. Her loyalty is to her crew, whom she'd lay her life down to protect. While appearing aloof, those who are close to her know she is warm and caring. Even funny when not on duty.

She loves baseball and is a big Elvis fan.


Born Lilith Parish in Chicago to a single father, she spent most of her youth playing sports and getting into trouble. Soon she found herself drawn towards the Air Force and was soon on the fast track to joining Stargate Command. She was a valued team member on SG-31 for a number of years before given command of SG-13. She eventually took the job as the Tau'ri leader of Icarus Base.

At some point she married Dr. Stephen Miller, a medical doctor in the SGC, and the two have had a strong relationship despite their jobs keeping them apart a number of times.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's pray for a home run." - Her mantra when having to do something crazy to get the ship out of trouble.

Player Notes

None at this point.

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Image of Lilith Miller
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