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Summary: Leader of Destiny Recon 1

Joseph Cooper

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Tau'ri

Nationality/Home World





Armed Combat

Truvian Blaster
Zat Gun

Physical Appearance

Tall African American male with short hair. Often wearing military fatigues.

Personality and interests

Cooper is friendly to most and has a sharp wit about him. His time on Destiny, however, has tempered his carefree attitude and he's grown to have a sense of duty for the crew he's sworn to protect.

He's a big sci-fi and anime nerd, and will often make pop culture references. He's also been trying to get a ship basketball team together.


Cooper grew up in a small town in Washington and spent his youth playing sports and Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. Originally he wanted to be a cop but the Air Force would pay for college so he joined up. He impressed a number of officers over his career to the point he was transferred to the SGC as a member of SG-6. Then he eventually took a position on Icarus base.

Favourite Sayings

"This reminds me of a movie I once saw..."

Player Notes

Cooper carries twelve-sided dice with him as a memento of his DnD days.

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Image of Joseph Cooper
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