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Summary: An alien researcher who formerly worked for Ba'al. Somewhat insane.

Orland Sim

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: Other Alien Races

Nationality/Home World

Cirilla (Originally under the rule of Ba'al)




Science and technology with a focus on Ancient technology.

Physical Appearance

An older man with long, gray hair and looks somewhat malnourished.

Personality and interests

Sim comes off as crazy to most, partly due to the fact that he is. His time in isolation aboard Destiny, as well as his time attempting to use the neuro-interface chair, have left him a little peculiar. His only interest is in uncovering Destiny's secrets.


Sim was born on the planet Cirilla, which was originally under the rule of Ba'al. He had an older sister, Petra Sim, who looked after him for most of his childhood. He and his sister always had a close bond due to this. However, his sister died when a rival goa'uld attempted to take Cirilla from Ba'al. Sim never truly recovered from the loss.

He found he had an affinity for technology, particularly Ancient technology. Something that attracted the attention of Ba'al. He was soon part of Ba'al's own research into the ninth chevron. However, in retribution for his lost sister, Sim betrayed Ba'al and prematurely dialed the ninth chevron in order to leave Ba'al on an exploding planet. As a result, he was trapped aboard the Ancient starship, alone.

He spent months exploring the ship and trying to decode the ship's master code. However, his attempts failed and he resorted to trying to use the neural-interface chair. Which left him with permanent psychosis and hallucinations of his dead sister.

He was forced to retreat into a cryo pod when Destiny's life support system failed. He was eventually revived by the Icarus Expedition and was able to unlock the ship's functions with the Master Code for them.

Favourite Sayings

"She is always watching."

Player Notes

None at this moment.

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