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Summary: A thrill-seeking scientist.

Kathrine McClintock

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Tau'ri

Nationality/Home World





Knowledge in astrophysics and Ancient technology.

Physical Appearance

A young woman with deep red hair.

Personality and interests

Katherine is brash and intelligent. Prone to leaping before looking, she is adventurous and it is this mix of intelligence and adventurousness that soon got the attention of the Air Force and the SGC. Though her rash nature often gets her into trouble.

She loves puzzles and finds Destiny to be the ultimate puzzle. Some say she is obsessive. She also enjoys rock climbing, base jumping, and skateboarding.


Born in Ireland, Katherine spent her childhood pretending she was an adventurer. Her desire to expand her understanding of the world matched only by her need to keep adrenaline rushing through her veins.

After earning her doctorate in astrophysics and a masters in engineering, she traveled the world until the Air Force offered her the opportunity of a liftetime: to travel across the universe to help a team of soldiers and scientists trapped on an Ancient ship. She immediately accepted.

Favourite Sayings

"Keep up!" - Said to those who aren't following her reasoning, or simply not following her as she rushes into danger.

Player Notes

Katherine is often restless, abrasive, and prone to inadvertently making others dislike her. This is a reaction to the fact that she suffers from social anxiety and feels horribly alone.

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Image of Kathrine McClintock
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