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Summary: An Asgard Synthoid Guardian

Thor of Asgard

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Gender: Male

Age: 1000 yrs

Group: Other Alien Races

Nationality/Home World

Species: Asgard Guardian Synthoid made by Fenir
Othala (original, destroyed)
Orilla (last, destroyed)
Language: Asgard, Goa'uld


Asgard Guardian Synthoid


Super-strength like a Goa'uld
Longevity like a Goa'uld
Weapons: Mjolnir - Similar to a Jaffa Staff, the hammer can shoot blue energy bolts, as well as be used in melee combat.
Combat Experience

Physical Appearance

Thor is a very tall and well-built Asgardian male synthoid; he has very large biceps and long, muscular legs. Fair-skinned and blue-eyed, he has golden blonde hair. He also has moderate amounts of facial hair. He wears Asgardian-style clothing, reminiscent of Vikings, complete with a Viking-style helmet. He wears black armor with silver circles along the torso, with silver chainmail sleeves. He has red wristbands, a large golden belt and blue pants.

Personality and interests

After being created by Fenir, Thor was very arrogant and full of himself, and sought battle to prove his strength and heroism. He was also very short-sighted, acting on impulse or however he felt justified. Thor believed that he was entitled to the Asgard homeworld, and eagerly awaited his promotion.

For his inexcusable actions and behavior, Thor's creator Fenir, banished him to a remote backwater planet until he proved himself worthy of his power. The plan worked and he returned humbled and much wiser, and even thanked his creator for the lessons he learned.

After his exile and subsequent return, Thor has become a noble warrior and a man of honor. He now thinks through his actions, and often reflects on his past behavior. He has dislike of misuse technology and science and admires heroes with courage, honor, compassion, and the gift of battle.

After he was found on the same primitive planet by the Tau'ri he was grateful to see Asgard technology again and agreed to aid them.


Pegasus Galaxy

A few months after the death of the Asgard, the Atlantis expedition encountered Fenrir, an Asgard scientist who had been exiled from his people after his test of a new weapon resulted in the destruction of an entire solar system. Although Fenrir was devastated when he learned of the loss of his people, he nevertheless sided with the expedition over the Wraith after Teyla Emmagan assured him that they had only deceived him to spare him the pain. Fenrir in his warship, destroyed a Wraith Fleet that was attempting to cull the Humans of the planet Heruun. He was subsequently killed when a Wraith Queen sacrificed herself to mount a suicide bomb run on his ship, but Colonel Samantha Carter was able to take control of his ship and use it to destroy the Wraith Hive ship.

However after Fenir's death the Tau'ri came across various creations of Fenir scattered about other planets he did research on. One of his projects was the Guardian Project, in which he created a superior biological humanoid with Asgard knowledge and tools. This was to be used as a substitute for their image as Gods to lower lifeforms. He also considered it as a prototype for his people to use in the distant future once perfected. The Guardians had built in circuitry to allow them to appear they had magical powers when it was just Asgard tech. Who knows how many Guardians Fenir made over his banishment, but recently Thor was found on a remote planet all alone after the population died from a war with the Goa'uld who later abandoned the planet. Thor then lived alone for a few hundred years till he was found living off the land. He is the last of Asgard's greatness.

Favourite Sayings

This mortal form has grown weak. I need sustenance!

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