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Summary: Former member of SG-1 looking to help his friends once again.

Jonas Quinn

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Other Alien Races

Nationality/Home World





Understanding of Ancient technology
Experience with Naquadria technology
Military Training
Enhanced Learning Abilities And Photographic Memory

Brettea 92FS
Zat Gun
Experimental Naquadria Powered Mark XXLV Generator

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

A knowledgeable and friendly person, Jonas is easy to like by most. His time with SG-1 shaped him into a determined and capable individual with a desire to help others in need.

He enjoys fried foods and has a tendency to smile a lot.


As a scientist for the Kelownan government, he was tasked with researching possible uses for the highly dangerous synthetic offshoot of naquadah, naquadria. Experiments that inadvertently led to one of many deaths of SG-1 member Daniel Jackson, whom died saving Jonas and other scientists after a botched experiment.

Determined to make things right, and subsequently being exiled from his home world for helping the SGC, Jonas became a member of SG-1, replacing Jackson. However, he soon returned to his world where he served as the Kelownan representative of the newly formed Langaran Council.

In the intervening years, Jonas has tried to encourage peaceful relations between Langara and Earth, as well as attempting to start up the Langaran's own Stargate program in the hopes of advancing his people. However, with the political climate and conflict with the Lucian Alliance, many on Langara are hesitant to step onto the galactic stage.

When the SGC came to Langara in the hopes of dialing Destiny, it was Jonas who helped encourage the Langarans to help their Tau'ri allies. However, due to the significant danger posed by dialing the ninth chevron, Langara only agreed to send a single "relief package" to help the stranded crew.

This came with the stipulation that Langaran personnel would be allowed to join the expedition and help unlock the secrets of Destiny, of which Jonas eagerly jumped at the chance. His hope being that his people's new research into naquadria could, one day, help Destiny dial Earth.

Favourite Sayings

All I can do is try and change what happens from now on. I don't want you to exonerate me, I just want to be given the opportunity to prove that I can make a difference.

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Image of Jonas Quinn
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